The deodorant causes me redness under my armpits, why?

Bicarbonate neutralizes the bacteria responsible for perspiration-related odours.

It can also be an irritant for some people with more sensitive skin, as its pH is very alkaline.

Directions: Place the deodorant under the armpit, wait for the product to soften a little and apply a single layer without putting pressure on.
Please do not apply 2-3 layers as with your old deodorant. This may irritate your armpits.
If this ever happens despite my recommendation above, stop using it and try the pH harmonie.

The “pH harmonie” vaporizer to the armpits will help heal faster if you have redness.
By creating a barrier on your skin, it will regulate your pH so you can apply your Kali deodorant without any problems.
For armpits that become darker, if there is no irritation, you can exfoliate your skin in the shower.
This is a normal reaction to baking soda, because it is very alkaline (pH 8-9).

You can also try sensitive and very sensitive skin deodorants.
The 1/2 bicarbonate (sensitive skin) and bicarbonate-free version (very sensitive skin) are available in 4 fragrances (cucumber, lavender-patchouli-vanilla, orange-vanilla and green-pear tea).

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